How to use Photo Scan?

This section describes WIDAR’s Photo mode.
Photo mode uses photogrammetry to generate accurate 3D data from images.
It can also be used on iPhones that do not have LiDAR installed.

Choose your object!
The point is to move around the subject and take pictures frequently.
Look at the Preview!
You can delete images to upload or change the options.
When you tap the Upload button, the number of remaining scans will decrease, and the image data will be uploaded to the cloud for processing.
Don’t close the app while it’s uploading! It will take a few minutes to process after uploading.
Since image data will be exchanged, it is recommended to upload your file in a WiFi environment.
Once the process is finished in the cloud, you will be able to see the 3D scan.
Tap Library from the bottom tab, and then tap the item you just scanned to check it out.
Your scan is complete!
Photo mode takes longer to process, but it is a good mode for accurately scanning relatively small objects.
Try scanning everyday objects such as food or figures.